ISH's Vision for Michigan

A longtime fighter for Social Justice, Economic Equity and a Better America.

Put the Public back in Public Schools

  • Give parents and the community the right to oversee their public schools.
  • Limit outside interference at the state and federal level.

Get Up, Stand Up.

  • Keep hatred, sexism, xenophobia, and racism out of Michigan Schools.
  • Stand up for fair labor practices for teachers and workers.
  • Stand up for children to play and live together, and celebrate their differences.
  • Promote Diversity and Inclusion as key to a well-functioning, well-educated society.

Equal Education Means Equal Education

  • Advocate for equal educational resources.
  • Confront the Michigan Legislature’s funding disparity so that all children receive a quality education.

Early, Early Education

  • Invest in early-education programs such as Head Start and preschool, making them available to all children.
  • Ensure that parenting programs are available to all.
  • Secure Michigan’s future competitiveness through a well-educated population.

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