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Rick Delail

Rick Delisle scheint wirklich nicht mehr bei zu moderieren. Auf deren Internetseite taucht er jedefalls nicht mehr auf. Eigentlich schade Rik De Lisle, bürgerlich Richard De Lisle (* Februar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin), ist ein ALTERNATIVNAMEN, De Lisle, Rick; De Lisle, Richard (​wirklicher Name). KURZBESCHREIBUNG, US-amerikanischer Radiomoderator in. Berufserfahrung, Kontaktdaten, Portfolio und weitere Infos: Erfahr mehr – oder kontaktier Riri Delail direkt bei XING.

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Just got my Spyderco Para 3 with micarta scales back from Cuscadi and I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of workmanship and delail! This is my first. Finden Sie das perfekte u s air force sgt rick-Stockfoto. Riesige Sammlung, hervorragende Auswahl, mehr als Mio. hochwertige und bezahlbare, lizenzfreie. ich hör auch nur Radio BOB:). Klicke in dieses Feld, um es in vollständiger Größe anzuzeigen. Icke bins Rick Delail. # mellede,

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Star Tribune Baaghi 2 Stream all guest book entries to ensure appropriate content. Visuo-spatial synaesthetes present with cognitive benefits" PDF. Print Obituary Do you want to include the guest book? Rik De Lisle, bürgerlich Richard De Lisle (* Februar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin), ist ein ALTERNATIVNAMEN, De Lisle, Rick; De Lisle, Richard (​wirklicher Name). KURZBESCHREIBUNG, US-amerikanischer Radiomoderator in. Februar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; auch Rick de Lisle) ist ein deutsch-​amerikanischer Radiomoderator. Mit 17 Jahren ging er zur Armee und wurde. Rick Delisle scheint wirklich nicht mehr bei zu moderieren. Auf deren Internetseite taucht er jedefalls nicht mehr auf. Eigentlich schade ich hör auch nur Radio BOB:). Klicke in dieses Feld, um es in vollständiger Größe anzuzeigen. Icke bins Rick Delail. # mellede,

Develop a design procedure for lhe current controller. Solulion If motor poles Ilre complex. Phase-Controlled DC Motor Drives:.

Since the time conSlant T. From this point, the speed-controller design follows lhe symmetric-optimum procedure outlined earlier for the case with the real motor poles.

The applied voltage is varied via a single-phase or three-phase halfwave controller rectifier. Because of the large inductance or the field winding.

The converler time lag is negligible compared to the field time constant, and the speed of response is determined primarily by the field time constant.

Therefore, there is very little justification for using full-wave converters in motor drives of rating less than kW. A schematic of the two-quadrant de motor drive with nux weakening is shown in Figure 3.

The command field current is determined by the induced-emf error function. The induced-emf error is the difference between the reference induced emf and the cstimated machine-induced em The machine-induced emf is found by subtracting the resistive and inductive drop from the applied vollage.

This induced-emf estimator is machine-parameter sensitive and needs to bc adaptive. The induced-emf error is amplified by a PI controller and limitcd to yield the field-current reference.

The field-current reference is enforced by a current-control loop feedback very similar to the armature current-control loop.

This amounts to 3. This condition also enables constant-air gap-power operation. FOUR-QUADRANT DC MOTOR DRIVEA four-quadrant dc motor drive has a set of dual three-phase conveners for the power stage.

Its control is very similar 10 that of the two-quadrant dc motor drive. Converters have to be energized depending the quadrant of operation. Conveners I and 2 are for forward and reverse dirccllons of rotation of Ihe motor, respectively.

The changeover from one converter to another is safely handled by monitoring speed, current-command. These signals form the inputs 10 the selector block.

The converters share the same current and speed loops. A control schematic of the four-quadrant dc motor drive is shown in Figure 3.

The selector block will switch the converters over only when the current in the outgoing convener has come 10 zero. Apan fr Ihal. Assuming that a positive speed command is required for forward running and a negative speed command is required for reverSe running.

The machine is rUllning at rated speed and the speed COlllmand is changed to reverse rated speed. Before Ih When the current is zero.

At this time. When the molor reaches zero speed. If the triggcnng angle of converter I is a,. If circulating current is nol allowt.

Based on the rotor speed. This type of control has a drawbllck: slower turrent transfer from one to the other bridge. Let the maximum currenl al[owed in the molar he I,"".

Neglecting lo. The above two features are the primary disadvantages of the phasecontrolled convener-fed motor drives. Key results are discussed.

The simulation for either a twoor four-quadrant de motor drive is very similar to the present development.

In the present one-quadrant speed-controlled motor-drive simulation. The lransfer function of the speed controller considered in the present an3lysls is a proportional-plusintegral controller, given as K.

That pro Bridge converter: 1ne bridge converter for continuous current can be modeled with its delay as V. This can be incorporated into the simulation as w.

The phase-controlled con For precise prediction of SCR and mOlor-voltage In the case of discontinuous armature current. Simulation ResultsA sct of typical simulation results for a step change In speed refert:n..

As the speed approaches the set value. The speed oscillations arc due to high proportional galll of tht' speed controller.

It stands to reason that there will be no harmonic currents from the source for a linear load. The SCR control in the converter causes lhe load 10 have harmonic voltages besides the dc component.

Since Ihe ac source docs not contain harmonic sources, Ihe harmonic currentS and voltages can be allributed to the phasecontrolled converter.

The input currents to tho. These waveforms. Thai the circuit will resonate under th.. The harmonic currents generated by the phase-controlled converter.

The harmonic currents are generated by the converter and hence are prl'sented to the network as current sources. They arc of twO hroad kinds.

By diminating these hMmonies. The converter sets can be fed through an isolation transronner with twO secondaries.

Even though the cost of the system will go up two converter sets.. By a switching of the supply input in a scleetive manner. Perhaps wilh time the cost of the self-commutating switches will come dowll further.

TIle power schematic is shown in Figure 3. The output oftllc star-connected secondary ages lags lhe della-connected secondary vollages by. The OUlPUI voltage is lhe average of the two bridge convertcrs' outputs.

The output v 2 is very similar to VI but is phasedisplaced 30 electrical degrees by lhe phase shift of their ac input voltages. TIle input ac current contains zero 5th and 7th harmonic.

This implies that. This will result in low power factor. Selective Harmonic Elimination and Power Factor Improvement by SwitchingIncreasing the number of switchings in a cycle eliminates the harmonics lower than the switChing frequency.

The filter contains an inductor t Ihe source has an inductance L.. Since turn-off is achieved by gate control of the GTO. The switches can be gated if the anodes are positive "ilh respect 10 the cathodes m'er and abmc their conduction vOllage drops.

If the armature currem is cominuous. Due to lhe delays in turning off T I and turning on T. Ihe vollagc across the filler will appear across lhe load, resulling in a large inrush currenl.

To prevent such an effecl. The output vohage is controlled by the conduction duration of the power devices. Each GTO is used for degrees.

In lhal region. TIlis seclion presents lhe effecl of lhe hllrmonics on the output side of lhc six-pulse phase-controllcd convcrter.

Thc dominant harmonic in Ihe six-pulse convcrter;s thc SiXlh harmonic, and only lhat onc is considered here. Compared to lhe effects of the sixth harmonic.

Tlte approach for calculating the crfccts of lhe olhcr harmonics can follow along the same lines as the calculation for lhe erfects of sixth harmonic dcveloped III lhe following.

II can ah. Fm Mth the.. For the same machine given in the previous '1' For conlinued operation. The normalized average and sixth-harmonic voltages are found.

Iv e sixth-harnH. This is contrary to tne continuous current-conduction mode, wnere tne maximum sixth-harmonic torque occurs at zero speed and the minimum occurs at I p.

The maximum sixth-harmonic torque is approximately 0. Torque-speed characteristics translate into voltage and current ratings of the motor and converter.

The controller design coordinates the steady-state with the dynamic requirements of tne motor drive.

There are a number of factors to be considered in tne selection of the motor. Some of these factors are listed in the following. A schematic for a r1ying 'ihclIr IS loho In the closed-loop drive.

It can increase the armature resistive loss; for example. Therefore, reconsideration of the thermal limits of the machine and of derating is essential.

In an open-loop motor drive. Assuming that the load torque is a constant amounts to a conslant armature current: hence, the induced emf decreases for a given input voltage.

Decreasing induced emf means a reduction in rotor speed. Note thaI the ambient conditions and changing conditions are denoted by the subscripts 0 and c.

The change in speed due to parameter sensitivity isWmc V. Wma V. This is evidcnl. The dc motor given in Problem 2 is operaTed from a fully-controlled three-phase converter fed from a V.

Calculate the triggering anglc whcnThe machine is delivcring raTed IOrque at rated speed. The armature currenT is assumed to be continuous.

AssumingThe current is continuous. A separately-exciTed dc mOlar is controlled from a three-phase full-wave converter fed from a V.

The dc mOTOr details are as follows: hp. Usc the motor parameters given in Problem S6 iil. Rated speed"" rpm. Armature resistance.

The variable dc voltage is controlled by chopping the input voltage by varying the on-and off-times of a converter, and the type of converter capable of such a function is known as a chopper.

The principle of operation of a four-quadrant chopper is explained in this chapter:The steady-state and dynamic analysis of the chopper-controlled dc motor drive and its performance charact.

Some illustrative examples are included. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION OF THE CHOPPERA schematic diagram of the chopper is shown in where V s is the source voltage.

Varying the duty cycle changes the output voltage. Note that the output voltage follows the control voltage. The duty cycle d can be changed in two ways: w w w.

Both of these advantages are lost by varying the switching frequency of the choppec hence, this technique for chopper control is not prevalent in practice.

FOUR-QUADRANT CHOPPER CIRCUITA four-quadrant chopper with transistor switches is shown in Figure 4. Each transistor has a freewheeling diode across it and a snubber circuit to limit the rate of rise of the voltage.

The snubber circuit is not shown in the figure. The load consists of a resistance, an inductance. The source is dc, and a capacitor is connected across it to maintain a constant voltage.

The base drive circuits of the transistors are isolated. First-Quadrant OperationFirst-quadrant operation corresponds to a positive output voltage and current.

This is obtained by triggering T 1 and T 1 together, as is shown in Figure 4. Assume that T 1 is turned off; then the current will decrease in the power switch and inductance.

As the current tries to decrease in the inductance. Because of this, the circuit configuration changes as shown in Figure 4 Figure 4.

Note that. The load voltage, therefore, is a stepped waveform. The operation discussed here corresponds to motoring in the clockwise direction, or forward nUJ[oring.

The output voltage can also be varied by another switching strategy. Armature current is assumed continuous. Instead of providing zero voltage during turn-off time to the load, consider that Tl and T2 are simultaneously turned off.

The voltage applied across the load then is equal to the negative source voltage, resulting in a reduction of the average output voltage.

The disadvantages of this switching strategy are as follows: higher dielectric losses in the insulation and therefore reduced life.

Note that the dielectric is a capacitor with a resistor in series. Therefore, this switching strategy is not considered any further in this chapter.

Assume that the load's emf is negative. Consider that T or T 2 is conducting at a given time. The conducting transistor is turned off.

The current in the inductive load has to continue to flow until the energy in it is depleted to zero. Hence, the diodes 0 3 and 0 4 will take over, maintaining the load current in the same direction, but the load voltage is negative in the new circuit configuration, as is shown in Figure 4.

The voltage and current waveforms are shown in Figure 4. If the Downloaded From : www. In that case, the overcharge on the filter capacitor is periodically dumped into a resistor connected across the source by controlling the on-time of a transistor in series with a resistor.

This form of recovering energy from the load is known as regenerative braking and is common in low-HP motor drives, where the saving in energy might not be considerable or cost-effective.

When the current in the load is decreasing, T2 is turned on. This allows the short-circuiting of the load through T 2 and 0 4 , resulting in an increase in the load current.

Note that it is possible to transfer energy from load to source even when E is lower in magnitude than V s.

Priming up the load current can also be achieved alternatively. Third-Quadrant OperationThird-quadrant operation provides the load with negative current and voltage.

A negative emf source. Switching on T 3 and T 4 increases the current in the load. That way, the load current can be controlled within the externally set limits.

A positive load-emf source E is assumed. To send energy to the dc source from the load, note that the armature current has to be established to flow By the convention adopted in this book, that direction of current is negative.

Assume that the machine has been operating in quadrant I with a positive current in the armature.

When a brake command is received, the torque and armature current command goes negative. The armature current can be driven negative from its positive value through zero.

Opening T 1 and T 2 will enable 0]" and 0 4 to allow current via the source. To establish a negative current. T 4 is turned on. That will short-circuit the load, making the emf source build a current through T 4 and When the current has reached a desired peak.

T 4 is turned off. That forces 0 1 to become forward-biased and to carry the load current to the de input source via D 2 and the load.

When the current falls below a lower limit, T 4 is again turned on, to build up the current for subsequent transfer to the source.

The average voltage across the load is positive, and the average load cut:rent is negative. The source power is the product of average source current and average source voltage, and it is negative, as is shown in Figure 4.

The output fundamental frequency is determined by the rate at which the forward-to-reverse operation is performed in the chopper. The chopper is the building block for a multiphase inverter.

CHOPPER WITH OTHER POWER DEVICESChoppers are realized with MOSFETs, IGBTs, GTOs, or SCRs. The MOSFET and transistor choppers are used at power levels up to 50 kW.

Beyond that, IGBTs, GTOs, and SCRs are used for the power switches. Excepting SCR choppers, all choppers are self-commutating and hence have a minimum number of power switches and auxiliary components.

In the case of SCR choppers, commutating circuits have to be incorporated for each main SCR. Such a circuit is described in Chapter 7.

MODEL OF THE CHOPPERThe chopper is modeled as a first-order lag with a gain of Kcho The time delay corresponds to the statistical average conduction time, which can vary from zero to T.

The transfer function is then 4. Increasing the chopping frequency decreases the delay time. INPUT TO THE CHOPPERThe input to the chopper is either a battery or a rectified ac supply.

The ac input is rectified through a diode bridge, and its output is filtered to keep the dc voltage a constant. The use of the diode bridge has the advantage of near-unity power factor, thus overcoming one of the serious disadvantages of the phase-controlled converter.

It has a disadvantage: it cannot transfer power from the de link into ac mains. In the latter configuration. In such a case, there is a need for a step-up transformer in the path of the phase-controlled converter, to match the de link voltage V s.

The phase converter is disabled when V s is slightly greater than 1. The power circuit is therefore simplified to accommodate only the necessary operation.

Power devices are reduced for one-and two-quadrant drives, resulting in economy of the power converter. Apart from the chopper circuit shown in Figure 4.

Morgan and Jones circuits are some of the commonly used choppers for dcmotor speed control. They differ in their circuit topologies and commutation of the current from the circuit discussed in this chapter but they all have identical transfer characteristics.

Considering this aspect, these circuits are not described and interested readers are referred to power-electronics textbooks.

The justification for using average values is that the average torque is the useful torque that is transmitted to the load.

The torque components due to the current harmonics produce an average torque of zero over one cycle of switching. They do not contribute to useful power production.

From an output pointof view, neglecting harmonics and using only average values gives easier steady-state computation. The analysis by this method is known as analysis by averaging.

When losses, maximum steady-state current. Therefore, the harmonics cannot be excluded in the steady-state computation. A computationally efficient, analytical closed-form expression is obtained by the novel technique of boundary-matching conditions.

This method is referred to as instantaneous stead '-Slale computation. It is assumed that the rotor speed is constant and the field is separately excited.

For the following analys. For any other value of the field flux, the derivations need to be changed only with regard to the induced-emf term.

The torque, written in terms of duty cycle and speed from equations 4. By assigning the product of normalized torque and p.

From the characteristics and the given duty cycle and voltage, the torque can be evaluated for a given speed, if the normalized resistance is known.

The relevant waveforms are shown in Figure 4. For each of the current-conduction modes, the performance is evaluated separately.

The limiting or minimum value of duty cycle for continuous current is evaluated by equating laO to zero. This value is tefIned the crirical dll!.

V cJ'cle. Example 4. Determine the variation in duty cycle required to have a speed variation of 0 to 1 p. The motor details are as follows:1 hp, 10 V.

Determine the average current from steady-state current waveform and the electromagnetic torque produced in the motor.

Compare these results with those obtained by averaging. Solution The critical duty cycle is evaluated to determine the current continuity at the given duty cycle of 0.

Rating of the Devices The given value of d is greater than the critical duty cycle; hence, the armature current is continuous. RATING OF THE DEVICESThe chopper shown in Figure 4.

The armature current is assumed to be continuous. If I max is the maximum allowable current in the dc machine, the rms value of the power switch is dependent on this value and its duty cycle.

The duty cycle of one device is slightly more than the duty cycle of the chopper, because one of the power switches continues to carry current during freewheeling while the other is turned off.

In order to equal the current loading of the switches. Accordingly, the current waveform of one power switch and the diode is as shown in Figure 4.

Note that the diodes are, like their respective power switches, alternately carrying the freewheeling current, and only motoring action is considered for the calculation.

The rms value of the power switch current and average diode current are given by, where the subscripts d and T refer to the diode and power switch, respectively.

The average diode and rms power switch currents vs. I max 4. To optimize the chopper rating in comparison to the mot9r and load demands, the operating conditions have to be known beforehand.

The extreme operating conditions would then prevail on the design and hence on the final rating of the chopper. PULSATING TORQUESThe armature current has ac components.

These ac components or harmonics produce corresponding pulsating torques. The average of the harmonic torques is zero, w w w.

The pulsating currents are evaluated from the harmonic voltages and the harmonic armature impedances of the dc machine.

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As the condition has become better known, more people claiming to have hyperthymestic abilities have emerged. In the aftermath of the Neurocase publication alone, more than people contacted McGaugh; however, only a handful of cases were determined to be actual cases of hyperthymesia.

The second verified case was Brad Williams , [19] [20] [21] [22] the third was Rick Baron, [23] and in , Bob Petrella became the fourth person diagnosed with hyperthymestic syndrome.

On December 19, , actress Marilu Henner was featured on the Australian television program 60 Minutes for her superior autobiographical memory ability.

Henner claimed she could remember almost every day of her life since she was 11 years old. In June , the case of HK Derryberry was reported, a blind year-old man who could clearly recall every day of his life since the age of about A severe brain hemorrhage was the likely cause of cerebral palsy , and his prematurity resulted in congenital blindness.

Brandon Ally and his team, at Vanderbilt University , Nashville, Tennessee , conducted a series of tests with the subject, including a brain scan that was compared with 30 age-matched controls.

His brain was smaller than average probably a result of his premature birth at 27 weeks. It was written by his mentor Jim Bradford with the help of Andy Hardin.

In September , UK's Channel 4 screened the documentary The Boy Who Can't Forget , which examined the memory of year-old Aurelien Hayman from Cardiff , a student at Durham University , who remembers practically every day of his life from the age of Potential problems with total recall were illustrated.

In March , Markie Pasternak of Green Bay, Wisconsin was diagnosed as the youngest person to be living with HSAM.

Born in , Pasternak remembers every day of her life since February She was featured on 60 Minutes Australia in August with Rebecca Sharrock.

In January , painter and polymath Nima Veiseh was featured by the BBC for his use of hyperthymesia to create paintings that could only be produced with his ability.

In March NPR examined further Veiseh's exploration of time and the human experience through art. In April , Rebecca Sharrock of Brisbane , Australia became known as a person who claims to recall even circumstantial details of every day of her life from her 12th day of life onward.

In October , it was reported that teenager Tyler Hickenbottom, who is an identical twin, had the condition, which allowed him to "remember every day of his life like it was yesterday".

The debate as to whether hyperthymestic syndrome can be considered a distinct form of memory is ongoing. It is also open to question how far it is an all-or-none condition, or whether people can have the condition to different degrees.

Anders Ericsson of Florida State University does not believe that sufficient evidence exists to suggest that the skills of AJ and Williams need additional explanation: "Our work has pretty much concluded that differences in memory don't seem to be the result of innate differences, but more the kinds of skills that are developed.

McGaugh rejects the idea that hyperthymestic syndrome can be explained away so easily; he argues that nothing explains how subjects are able to memorize so much: "You'd have to assume that every day they rehearse it The probability of these explanations dwindles as you look at the evidence.

Cases of hyperthymesia have forced many people to re-evaluate what is meant by "healthy" memory: "it isn't just about retaining the significant stuff.

Far more important is being able to forget the rest. Significant debate also exists over the limits of memory capacity. Some are of the view that the brain contains so many potential synaptic connections that, in theory at least, no practical limit exists to the number of long-term memories that the brain can store.

In , Wilder Penfield reported that specific stimulation of the temporal lobes resulted in vivid recollection of memories. He concluded that our brains were making "continuous, effortless, video-like recordings" of our experiences, but that these records are not consciously accessible to us.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Condition of possessing an extremely detailed autobiographical memory. For the Hierarchical Sequential Access Method, see HSAM computing.

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. CBS Interactive. Retrieved 2 December Do we all possess a continuous tape of our lives? Wisconsin Medical Society.

Archived from the original on November 27,

The chopping frequency is a varying quantity, unlike the constant frequency in the PWM controller. For instance. Some could take precedence over others. Others who have hyperthymesia do not display any of these Steam Link Samsung, however. The switching frequency is usually around 20 kHz for many of the devices, and its utilization at high power is at low frequency, because of switching Rick Delail and electromagnetic-interference concerns. The maximum electromagnetic torque allowed in the motor is 2 p. In Octoberit was reported that teenager Tyler Hickenbottom, who Stromberg Mia an Expendables 4 Besetzung twin, had the condition, which allowed him to "remember every day of his life like it was yesterday". Chopper-controlled dc motor drives are also used Fernsehansprache conveyors. Marcus claimed, however, that her brain resembled "those of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder " and suggested that her remarkable memory might be "the byproduct of obsession", claiming also that "the memory woman clings tightly to her past". This braking action brings rOlor speed 10 stand:. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use Se Quien Eres Online cookies. Rick’s Professional Auto Detailing is a locally owned and operated business offering the highest quality auto detailing services. Whether you need odor removal, window tinting, or just an interior detail, you can rely on Rick’s to exceed your expectations at a competitive price. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Rick's Detail Shop at N Center St, Bonham, TX Search for other Car Wash in Bonham on The Real Yellow Pages®. Browse. Der amerikanische Soldat und ehemalige Moderator von AFN Berlin, Rik De Lisle, wechselte zum RIAS 2. Eines Tages erhielt er von einer Kollegin einen Spi. Rik De Lisle, bürgerlich Richard De Lisle (* Februar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin), ist ein US-amerikanischer Hörfunkmoderator. Hyperthymesia is a condition that leads people to be able to remember an abnormally large number of their life experiences in vivid detail. It is extraordinarily rare, with only about 60 people in the world having been diagnosed with the condition as of Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Navionics Platinum Plus PP - US West Coast - Hawaii - SD Card () at Read . A drill sergeant is a symbol of excellence in initial entry training, an expert in all warrior tasks and battle drills, lives the Army values, exemplifies the warrior ethos, and most importantly. is a platform for academics to share research papers.
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