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Ist das Streamen dort auch fr Nutzer illegal. Handlung auf, wie sein Engagement endet: Jan macht zum ersten Mal in seinem Leben einen Fehler. Er ist schlielich nicht der erste Soapstar, Serien und Clips.

Ridiculous 6 Besetzung

Adam SandlerTerry CrewsJorge GarcíaTaylor LautnerRob SchneiderLuke WilsonWill ForteSteve ZahnHarvey KeitelNick NolteJon. Synchronbesetzung von The Ridiculous 6 mit Sprachproben - deutsche Synchronstimmen, Synchronschauspieler Cast nach Rollen mit Hörproben. Rolle: Tommy aka White Knife. Jorge García. Rolle: Herm. Terry Crews. Rolle: Chico. Taylor Lautner. Rolle: Lil' Pete. Rob Schneider. Rolle: Ramon. Luke Wilson.

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Die Adam-Sandler-Komödie The Ridiculous 6 ist eine Parodie auf den Western-​Klassiker Die glorreichen Sieben. Besetzung & Crew von The Ridiculous 6. Eine der größten Listen von Regisseuren und Schauspielern bei MUBI. Die Schauspieler auf dieser Liste sind nach der Wertung der MUBI-Nutzer platziert. Darsteller · Sprecher · Rolle · Adam Sandler · Dietmar Wunder, Tommy. Terry Crews · Charles Rettinghaus, Chico. Taylor Lautner · Max Felder, Lil'Pete.

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Directed by Frank Coraci. With Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Jorge Garcia, Taylor Lautner. An outlaw who was raised by Native Americans discovers that he has five half-brothers. Together the men go on a mission to find their wayward, deadbeat dad. The Ridiculous 6 est une comédie de western américaine réalisée par Frank Coraci et écrite par Tim Herlihy et Adam Sandler, sortie en Sommaire 1 Résumé. The Ridiculous 6 ist ein Komödie aus dem Jahr von Frank Coraci mit Adam Sandler, Taylor Lautner und Luke Wilson. Die Adam-Sandler-Komödie The Ridiculous 6 .
Ridiculous 6 Besetzung
Ridiculous 6 Besetzung The Big Lebowski. Bar Patron at Golden Nugget Saloon Rtl Störung David Loving Home Filme The Ridiculous 6 Cast. Together, they set out to save their wayward father.

Susannah David Spade General George Custer Danny Trejo Cicero Nick Swardson Taglines: The Wild West has met its match. Edit Did You Know?

Trivia The film is the fifth collaboration of Adam Sandler and Terry Crews. Goofs When Smiley's head is chopped off, he is holding two 5-shot Freedom Arms Model 83 pistols, for a maximum of 10 rounds without reloading.

He fires at least 24 shots before he falls over. Quotes [ first lines ] Clem : Lookie here. My day is made.

I didn't even finish breakfast and I get to kill me a stinkin' Injun. Tommy aka White Knife : Injun? I just dress like this so's I don't get scalped out on the prairie.

Clem : Oh, well, that's a convincing outfit. Yeah, you can't be too safe out there So, what can I do you for? Tommy aka White Knife : Need some flour.

Five sacks. And a carrot with peanut butter on it. Now, what's that gonna run me? Einfach nur zum brüllen ich hab mich köstlich amüsiert.

Adam Sandler und sein Netflix Deal … der Mann hat beständig Filme für den Streaming Giganten raus die wahrscheinlich recht günstig produziert werden, aber für ihn einen fetten Gewinn bringen … so auch diesen.

Sandlers dortiger Kampf mit ein paar Gegner ist an Mehr erfahren. Sebastian C. Einer der besten Sandler Filme, die ich gesehen habe.

Heute mit Bruder geschaut und wir haben uns teils weggeschmissen vor Lachen weil da ein haufen total banaler urkomischer Szenen dabei waren.

Wer Filme mit viel Slapstickeinlagen mag und den Humor wie in Police Academy, Hot Shots und Co. NEWS - Stars. Nach dem erfolgreichsten Film des Jahres: Adam Sandler macht noch mehr Filme für Netflix.

Was macht eigentlich… "Twilight"-Star Taylor Lautner? The Ridiculous 6 is a American Western action comedy film directed by Frank Coraci and written by Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler.

Starring Sandler, Terry Crews , Jorge Garcia , Taylor Lautner , Rob Schneider and Luke Wilson , the plot follows six men who discover that they share the same bank-robbing father Nick Nolte , and thereafter set out to reunite with him.

In the Old West , Tommy Adam Sandler , known as "White Knife" by the American Indian tribe who raised him after his mother was murdered, is to marry a member of the tribe named Smoking Fox Julia Jones as arranged by his adoptive father Chief Screaming Eagle Saginaw Grant.

Following a run-in with Will Patch Will Forte and his Left-Eye Gang, who have all removed their right eye, as well as a one-eyed food proprietor named Clem Steve Zahn , Tommy is visited by a bank robber named Frank Stockburn Nick Nolte who claims to be his biological father.

The next day, a group of bandits led by the ruthless Cicero Danny Trejo come to the village and want Frank to give them his "big score. After searching the meadow Tommy is unable to find the stash of money and sets off on a quest to steal the amount needed and save his father.

During his journey, Tommy discovers that he has 5 half-brothers: Mexican burro rider Ramon Rob Schneider whose innkeeper mother had a fling with Frank; mentally challenged yet happy-go-lucky Lil' Pete Taylor Lautner whose strong neck makes him immune to hanging; feral mountain-man Herm Jorge Garcia who speaks incomprehensibly and helped his mother sell their moonshine; Drunkard, Danny Luke Wilson , the former bodyguard of Abraham Lincoln Dan Patrick who is guilt-ridden from accidentally leading John Wilkes Booth Chris Kattan to murder the president ; and African-American saloon pianist Chico Terry Crews who confesses to being half-White.

Meanwhile, having joined the Left-Eye Gang at the cost of his only functional eye, Clem helps the bandits abduct Smoking Fox. She escapes due to Clem's blindness and begins searching for Tommy and his brothers, now known as the Ridiculous 6.

After meeting Chico and Danny, the brothers have a run in with Chico's boss, sociopathic saloon owner, Smiley Harris Harvey Keitel , who was part of Frank's gang until Frank stole his cut of their biggest score and left him to die at the windmill.

When Smiley attempts to kill the brothers out of revenge against Frank, he ends up being unintentionally decapitated by Ramon.

The group later encounters Abner Doubleday John Turturro who is developing baseball with some Chinese immigrants.

The Left-Eye Gang soon catch up to the Ridiculous 6 while the latter are relaxing in a pond. The gang overpowers the brothers and steals their loot.

Through Herm's ramblings, translated by Tommy, the brothers then decide to rob a gambling game in Yuma hosted by Ezekiel Grant Jon Lovitz and attended by Mark Twain Vanilla Ice and General George Armstrong Custer David Spade.

The brother's succeed, though Wyatt Earp Blake Shelton nearly jeopardizes their plan, and set off to ransom their father.

On the way, the Ridiculous 6 come across the Left-Eye Gang who have been left to die in the desert by Cicero. That evening, Tommy sees a photograph carried by Danny that proves Cicero is the one who murdered his mother and sets off alone to rescue his father and confront the bandit leader.

After meeting with Cicero and paying the ransom, Tommy confronts Cicero just and gets his revenge on his mother's killer.

The half-brothers, who followed Tommy along with the Left-Eye Gang, have a reunion with their long-lost father.

But Tommy counters that his group had a Plan B: a hidden bomb inside the bag containing the ransom money. Young Tommy Catharine E.

Betty Dunson as Catharine Pilafas Ruben Rivera Laguna Young Cicero David Manzanares Cicero Gang Member Alex Knight Ford's Theater Performer 1 Lauren Poole Ford's Theater Performer 2 Patrick Gozur Ford's Theater Performer 3 Fernando Fresquez Ford's Theater Performer 4 Robin Leach Herm voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Ricardo Andres Sober Bar Patron uncredited Rick Anglada Apache Warrior uncredited Richard Beal Town Cowboy uncredited Todd Bethke Citizen of Roscoe Plains uncredited Derek Blakeney Blacksmith uncredited Paul Caster Angry Townsman uncredited Warren M.

Gallows Deputy uncredited Jetto Dorsainville Rattlers Gulch Man uncredited Melissa-Lou Ellis Saloon Girl uncredited John Farley Roscoe uncredited Madison Fogle School Girl uncredited Corinne Fox Soiled Dove Saloon Girl uncredited Christopher W.

Towns Boy uncredited Steffen Garcia Drifter uncredited John Gibbs Apache Warrior uncredited Alan Humphrey Cowboy uncredited Bill Jones Wheel of Fortune Dealer uncredited Samantha Kelly Accompanist uncredited Chelsea Arielle Kibbee Saloon Girl uncredited Bob Knowlton Townsman uncredited James E.

Gambling Cowboy-Wheel of Fortune uncredited Rodger Larance Townsman uncredited Ricky Lee Medicine Man uncredited Kearon Lehman Guard uncredited Justin Lotz Bar Patron at Golden Nugget Saloon uncredited David Loving Banker uncredited Jameson Macmillan Nugget Prostitute uncredited Tristan Manyhorses Townboy uncredited Julianne Medina Towns Girl uncredited Crystal Miller So Fresh: Absolute Must See!

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All Critics 36 Top Critics 15 Rotten When it comes to its underlying racial message, "The Ridiculous Six" still grates, and there are obvious moments when it appears to be punching down almost without realizing it.

Matthew Rozsa. Debbie Day. It's a lazy pastiche of westerns and western spoofs, replete with lazy, racist jokes that can't just be waved away with a waft of the irony card.

Brad Newsome. With the lazy, misshapen "The Ridiculous 6," Adam Sandler robs his new Netflix benefactors blind.

Nick Schager. Peer through this dopey haze long enough, and you can't fail to notice the cavalier racial attitudes, the endlessly pliable women; you'd have every right to be outraged, were it not now par for the Sandler course.

Mike McCahill. Richard Roeper. Ridiculous 6 feels cheaper, lazier, and all-round worse than even Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Bertie Archer.

I sincerely hope no one involved with the script, or even the actors, actually thought people would laugh at remotely anything in this movie.

Robert Kojder. Josh Larsen. A bad movie and a frequently unwatchable one, but for the first time in years Sandler and co-writer Tim Herlihy have bothered to write real, actual jokes.

A horrid film, you can tell the only ones laughing probably are those involved in making it. Fausto Ponce. Multifaceted bomb: violent, crass, demeaning stereotypes.

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Ridiculous 6 Besetzung

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Klaus Lochthove.

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Jetzt online schauen! Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Vanilla Ice. Früher kannte ich nur Armbanduhren, die mit Batterie betrieben werden. Sei Dir meiner dringenden Weiterempfehlung gewiss. The Ridiculous 6. | TV | 2h | Adventures. When his outlaw dad is kidnapped, Tommy “White Knife” Stockburn sets off across the West on a rescue mission with five brothers he never knew he had. Starring: Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Jorge García. The Ridiculous 6 Review Kritik German Deutsch Filmkritik | Adam Sandler Netflix Film | OT: The Ridiculous 6 () Kinostart: 11 Dezember Die Rückke. The "Hanging Scene"-Meme of Taylor Lautner from "the Ridiculous Six" in the full remixed high quality version, found in ylyl and 4chan webm compilationsSongn. Diese 6 Halbbrüder haben verschiedene Mütter und einige Fragen an ihren Vater. Doch erst einmal müssen sie ihn retten. Trailer und weitere Infos ansehen. Every bit as lazily offensive as its cast and concept would suggest, The Ridiculous Six is standard couch fare for Adam Sandler fanatics and must-avoid viewing for film enthusiasts of every other. Sechs Banditen finden heraus, dass sie Halbbrüder sind, und machen sich auf die Suche nach ihrem Vater. Sie müssen Dollar auftreiben, um ihrem Erzeuger das Leben zu retten. Unterwegs erleben sie zahlreiche Abenteuer. Rolle: Tommy aka White Knife. Jorge García. Rolle: Herm. Terry Crews. Rolle: Chico. Taylor Lautner. Rolle: Lil' Pete. Rob Schneider. Rolle: Ramon. Luke Wilson. The Ridiculous 6 Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Adam Sandler, Taylor Lautner, Luke Wilson u.v.m. Die Adam-Sandler-Komödie The Ridiculous 6 ist eine Parodie auf den Western-​Klassiker Die glorreichen Sieben. Besetzung & Crew von The Ridiculous 6. The Ridiculous Six falls into the second category. Roscoe uncredited Madison Fogle Tim Herlihy Adam Sandler. Townsman uncredited James E. Coraci Andy Ochoa The gang overpowers the brothers Das Letzte Testament steals their loot. Filme Beste Filme Filmtipps Filme bewerten Top Trailer Listen Top Stars Serien Beste Serien Serientipps Listen Top Stars News Film News Serien News Streaming News Community Ridiculous 6 Besetzung Podcast Kino Neu Demnächst Tipps Lieblingskinos Zu Hause Streaming Streamingvergleich DVD DVD Tipps DVD Vorschau TV Gewinnspiele. News My Account SIGN UP LOG IN. By signing up, you agree to receiving newsletters from Rotten Tomatoes. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu The Ridiculous 6 Handlung von The Ridiculous 6 Die Western-Komödie The Ridiculous 6 erzählt vom Outlaw Tommy Adam Sandlerder als einfallsreicher und durchaus gelenkiger Bankräuber durch die Städte des Wilden Westens zieht und von Serhat Teoman nur White Knife Spider-Man Homecoming Stream Kinox wird. Luke Wilson. Robin Leach as Digimon Tri 4 voice of Herm Stockburn. Gambler uncredited Maximus A. Train Robber 2 Tina Parker