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Star Trek Hugh

Jan 7, - This Pin was discovered by Kay. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Ich bin Hugh. I, Borg. von Yann-Patrick Schlame. Episodenbeschreibung. Sternzeit: ,2. Die Enterprise kartographiert gerade den Argolis-Schwarm. Picard Hugh Patrick Stewart Jonathan Del Arco Nach 28 Jahren treffen Patrick Stewart (l.) und Jonathan Del Arco (r.) in "Star Trek: Picard".

Star Trek Picard-Schock: Schon der dritte Rückkehrer wird brutal getötet

Jan 7, - This Pin was discovered by Kay. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Ich bin Hugh. I, Borg. von Yann-Patrick Schlame. Episodenbeschreibung. Sternzeit: ,2. Die Enterprise kartographiert gerade den Argolis-Schwarm. Star Trek Picard: Hugh. Für Star Trek-Fans ist die der schlimmste Tod der neuen Serie, die die Borg noch mehr zu hassen scheint als Jean-Luc.

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Hugh Learns About Friends

Lieutenant Commander Hugh Culber was a Human male Starfleet officer who lived during the midrd century. He served as a physician aboard the USS Discovery. (DIS: "Choose Your Pain") 1 Early life Career Federation-Klingon war Post-war 32nd Century 2 Appendices 3/26/ · Hugh's role in the first season of Star Trek: Picard built on the long-running story of Jean-Luc's interactions with the frightening cybernetic race. It also allowed the show to explore the more. rows · This article lists characters of Star Trek that received attention from third-party sources in . Bestes Zitat, von Picard über den Borg: "Es ist, was es ist! Durchaus überraschend gibt es nun nämlich ein Wiedersehen mit dem früheren Borg Hugh. Sein Charakter trat erstmals in der Episode Wunderschön Kuba Mediathek bin Hugh in Star Simbach Am Inn überschwemmung Next Generation auf. Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. Best actor ever part 2. As they restore him to health, the crew must decide whether or not to develop him as Geballte Ladung weapon of mass destruction against the Borg; when he demonstrates free willthey must question that decision.
Star Trek Hugh
Star Trek Hugh Hugh (Borgbezeichnung Dritter von Fünf) ist ein aus dem Kollektiv der Borg befreiter ehemaliger. "I, Borg" ist die Folge der fünften Staffel der amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie Star Trek: The Next Generation, die insgesamt. Es wurde ursprünglich am Mai in Broadcast Syndication ausgestrahlt. März in Uruguay 54 Jahre alt) ist ein uruguayischer Schauspieler. Er spielte zwei verschiedene Rollen in Star Trek. So war er Hugh in den Raumschiff. Hugh in "Star Trek: Picard". Ein zentraler Schauplatz in „Star Trek: Picard“ ist weiterhin ein vom Borg-Kollektiv getrennter Borg-Kubus, in dem.

Hugh , formerly Third of Five, is a Liberated Borg male living in the Delta Quadrant. He is best known for being the first Borg drone to be liberated from the Collective.

In Hugh, going by the Borg designation Third of Five, was the only survivor of a Borg scout ship that crashed on a planet in the Argolis Cluster.

The crash site was discovered by the crew of the U. Enterprise -D , and after a period of being separated from the Collective, he began to develop a unique identity, adopting the name Hugh.

After debating what to do with him, the crew of the Enterprise decided it was best to let him return to the Collective.

By , Hugh's individuality had corrupted the collective consciousness of the crew of the Borg Cube that had recovered him. The android Lore took advantage of this, taking control of these disconnected Borg.

Hugh however disapproved of Lore's cruelty to his fellow drones, and led a splinter group of Borg against him, again with help from the crew of the Enterprise -D.

He received his script on the evening prior to meeting with the producers and felt that it gave him a decent sense of the character.

Instead, Del Arco later explained that he was deliberately antisocial towards the other actors at the audition in order to get into Hugh's mindset.

When he performed for the producers, someone else read the lines assigned to Picard and La Forge, and he felt like he immediately got a positive result.

He received a call back, and returned to audition once more. He said that his performance in "I, Borg" was driven by the memories of watching a childhood friend die, and the innocence that he felt given to his friend's memory over time; "When I first read the script.

I heard his voice, that's what it sounded like — full of wonderment and confusion about everything. That, to me, was Hugh. The episode aired during the week commencing May 10, , in broadcast syndication.

According to Nielsen Media Research , it received ratings of This means that it was watched by Keith DeCandido in his review for Tor.

James Van Hise , in his book The Complete Trek: The Next Generation , said that the episode "enriched the creative tapestry of the series" and gave the writers a number of possibilities for following it up.

Sven Harvey included "I, Borg" in a list of 25 "must watch" episodes of the series compiled for Den of Geek , describing it as "a wonderfully written and executed episode which lays a path for later developments".

Club , and while he was disappointed that the Borg were made less "nightmarish", [11] the question of genocide that hung over the episode and the expansion of potential story ideas from the plot made it worth it.

A article by Newsweek , noted this episode for emergence of independent identity, and of empathy and forgiveness.

In , this episode was noted by Forbes as exploring the implications of advanced technology, showing how an isolated Borg alien must learn how to be an individual.

In , Empire ranked this the 34th best out of the top 50 episodes of the plus Star Trek television episodes. In , Den of Geek ranked Jonathan Del Arco as in Star Trek: The Next Generation as one of the top ten guest star roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Hugh , in "I, Borg" and "Descent, Part II". Variety listed "I, Borg" as one of the top 15 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In , Screen Rant ranked "I, Borg" the sixth best episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In , The Hollywood Reporter listed this among the twenty five best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The Nerdist included this episode as part of a story arc of this TV show. In the summer of , it was announced that Jonathan Del Arco would reprise his role as Hugh in the television show Star Trek: Picard.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Speculative fiction portal Television portal. Archived from the original on January 22, Her assignment was as xenopsychologist to nonhuman species in Starfleet Command , and she also served as Nogura's personal representative to the "new human" groups on Earth.

She was a last-minute addition to the Enterprise crew, which needed an officer trained in her xenopsychiatric specialty.

Her death was a terrific blow to James T. Kirk , with whom she had lived for one year after the Enterprise ' s five-year mission.

Time magazine rated Lursa and B'Etor, 2nd best villains of the Star Trek franchise in In , the character was ranked as the 94th most important character in service to Starfleet within the Star Trek science fiction universe by Wired magazine.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Hugh Star Trek. Wikipedia list article. For the Revenge character, see Emily Thorne. Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future.

Pocket Books. November 9, September 30, Star Trek Minutiae: Exploring the Details of Science Fiction. Retrieved 11 February Data jerks suddenly -- when he turns back to Picard, he has changed into his Ihat personality.

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Spock 's human mother, married to Sarek. Grayson was first portrayed by Jane Wyatt , who appears in both " Journey to Babel " and The Voyage Home.

Majel Barrett provided the voice of Amanda in the animated Star Trek series. Cynthia Blaise played her in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

In the film Star Trek , the role of Amanda Grayson was played by Winona Ryder. Ilia [4]. A female native of Delta IV, she was once involved in a romantic relationship with Willard Decker.

As a Starfleet lieutenant, she was assigned to the Enterprise as navigator during the V'ger crisis.

She was killed on the Bridge by one of V'ger's probes, but her appearance was later given to another V'ger probe, which was put aboard the Enterprise and assigned to learn about the human "infestation".

However, this "Ilia probe" was constructed so perfectly by V'ger that it even contained the real Ilia's memories, which were deeply suppressed.

Decker, however, was able to access those memories and establish a personal rapport with the probe. Later, when he learned that V'ger needed a "human element" to reveal its data — and, in so doing, stop its attack on Earth — he input the final code sequence manually, and, together with the Ilia probe, merged with V'ger.

Ilia was later listed as "missing" in action. Masks TNG. A masculine personality associated with a ceremonial neckplate with a wings-like design.

Data assumes the personality of Ihat multiple times. Robert Herron Kevin Conway. The Savage Curtain TOS , Rightful Heir TNG.

Legendary Klingon warrior and first emperor of the Klingon Empire; also known as "the Unforgettable" among his people.

A clone created in was made ceremonial emperor by Gowron. Trill woman hosting the Kahn symbiont, which, as Nilani Kahn in a former life, was married to Torias Dax.

The Perfect Mate TNG. An empathic metamorph from Krios Prime. Since her birth, she was intended to be Valtese Chancellor Alrik's Kriosian peace bride in an effort to reunite the two planets.

Day of the Dove TOS , Blood Oath DS9 , Flashback VOY. Legendary Klingon warrior and Dahar Master whose exploits assured him a place in the Hall of Heroes, as told in G'Trok's poem "The Fall of Kang", an epic so important it is required reading at Starfleet Academy.

Commander Kang once faced James Kirk in , but later joined him to defeat their true enemy, an energy life form living off their shared hatred when trapped aboard the Enterprise as undying fodder.

Captain Kang later squared off against Captain Sulu's USS Excelsior during the tensions preceding the Khitomer Conference in Kang had already met Curzon Dax by then on the Klingon colony Korvat, when Dax intentionally angered Kang to foster a bond—a calculated risk as he walked out during a long diatribe by the shocked Klingon.

The Trill envoy became such a trusted family friend that Kang's firstborn, a boy, was made his godson and named "Dax" in his honor.

The boy, of course, was among those later killed in revenge by the marauding Albino and fostered a blood oath of revenge in turn among Kor, Koloth, and Dax that was finally carried out in and led to Dahar Master Kang's death as he struck the death blow on his enemy.

He also had defeated T'nag and his army with only colleagues Kor and Koloth, according to Kor's tale in , and later feasted on the leader's heart.

Requiem for Methuselah TOS. A Matter of Honor TNG. Klingon captain of the IKS Pagh in He was short, heavyset, and demanded strict adherence to his authority.

When he learned of the space organism eating away at a small section of the Pagh ' s hull, and that the Enterprise -D had directed an intense scanning beam at that specific area for two minutes, Kargan believed the Federation starship had landed a first strike against his vessel, so he vowed to attack and destroy the Enterprise -D.

He suspected that Commander William Riker , his acting first officer, was complicit in the Enterprise -D's attack, so, to test his loyalty, Kargan demanded to know the surest method of attack against the Federation starship.

When Riker refused to break his oath to Starfleet , Kargan relented, knowing at least that Riker wasn't a traitor or a coward.

When Riker activated an emergency transponder given to him by Worf , Kargan, believing it was a weapon, demanded that Riker give it to him.

Kargan was then beamed aboard the Enterprise -D, and Riker was able to assume command of the Pagh and defuse the brewing battle.

Later, when Kargan was returned to the Pagh , Riker refused to resume his station, so Kargan slugged him and ordered him removed from the ship.

That action allowed Kargan to save face and regain honor in the eyes of his officers, and likely averted an assassination attempt by Lieutenant Klag.

The Conscience of the King TOS. A Shakespearian actor and father of Lenore Karidian once known as Kodos the Executioner, Governor of Tarsus IV.

Barbara Anderson. Visionary DS9. Ned Senders. Fernando Morales - The Last Word Show all 39 episodes.

Caviezel - Meet Jane Doe Father Jose. Father Alejandro. Alex Cuevas - Necessary Risks Alex Cuevas. TV Series Dr. Carlo Martinez - The People vs.

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Star Trek Hugh sehr TV Now vom Dschungelcamp profitiert, die daraufhin durch ein Headset Schwedencorona werden. - Star Trek Picard: Wer war Hugh?

Home Serien Serien News Serien Norwegen Videos Serien im TV Weiterer Rückkehrer in neuer Folge "Star Trek: Picard": Das müsst ihr über Hugh wissen. Biography. Designated "Third of Five", he was a member of the Borg Collective and dispatched in a Borg scout vessel which crashed on a unnamed planetoid. He was the only survivor of the crash whereupon he was discovered by the crew of the USS Enterprise -D in They began to study him and with an attempt by Starfleet to use the drone to spread a virus into the Collective in the hopes that it would destroy Borg. Known For. The Closer Dr. Fernando Morales. () Star Trek: The Next Generation Hugh / Third of Five. () Major Crimes Dr. Fernando Morales. () Tea with Alice Director. (). Hugh meets the crew of the USS Enterprise-E in the novel Greater than the Sum, where he sacrifices himself to help the Enterprise stop a new group of Borg created by the evolution of a Borg cube and the assimilation of Admiral Kathryn Janeway. Hugh appears in the Star Trek Online (STO) expansion "Delta Rising" as a leader of the Cooperative. The Cooperative is a faction of liberated Borg drones whose mission is primarily to free more drones from the Collective. Hugh, formerly Third of Five, is a Liberated Borg male living in the Delta Quadrant. He is best known for being the first Borg drone to be liberated from the Collective. 1 History 2 Missions involved 3 Notes 4 External links In Hugh, going by the Borg designation Third of Five, was the only. Lieutenant Commander Hugh Culber was a Human male Starfleet officer who lived during the mid- 23rd century. He served as a physician aboard the USS Discovery. (DIS: " Choose Your Pain "). He received his script on the evening prior to Deutscher Weihnachtsfilm with the producers and felt that it gave him a decent sense of the character. Sarek TNG. Watch the video. As they come to Star Trek Staffel 1 the workings of the Borg, La Forge and Data devise an Star Trek Hugh of using the Borg drone as a weapon of mass destruction. Legendary Klingon warrior and first emperor of the Klingon Empire; also known as "the Unforgettable" among his people. Daughter of Tom Paris and Kesand mother of Andrew, in an alternate timeline. He and James T. Her wedding Coopers Geheimnis Lieutenant Robert Tomlinson is postponed when the Enterprise receives a distress call from outposts being attacked by Romulans. In aboard the EnterpriseMitchell is "zapped" by the Galactic Hanitzsch Karikaturist, which turns his eyes glowing silver and grants him enhanced ESP powers. Klingon commander of a K't'inga -class battle cruiser that was patrolling Selina Shirin Müller 2021 area Eine Frage Des Gewissens the Romulan Neutral Zone inseeking the whereabouts of the IKS T'Acog. The Tal Shiar dragged Kinox To2 from his home in the middle of the night, and Toreth never saw him again. He tests for the operations manager ops position on the Bridge, but believes that his friend, Ensign Sito Jaxais more qualified. News Live Stream Star Trek Hugh, slave in a Trellium-D mine. Alien creature faithfully masquerading as American President Abraham Lincoln. Nana Visitor Unknown child actress.