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Dedektive Conan

Meitantei Conan, Kudou Shinichi, Mouri Ran, Kopf auf Schulter - #auf #Conan Detective Conan - Shinchi, Kaito, Heiji & Hakuba - - #7animenet. Das Kult-Anime Detektiv Conan auf ProSieben MAXX. Conan Edogawa sieht aus wie ein Grundschüler. Tatsächlich ist er Shin'ichi Kudo, der jährige. - Kaufen Sie Detektiv Conan - TV-Serie - Vol.1 - günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und.

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Detektiv Conan 01 | Aoyama, Gosho | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. - Kaufen Sie Detektiv Conan - TV-Serie - Vol.1 - günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Detektiv Conan ist eine seit laufende, international erfolgreiche Mangareihe des japanischen Zeichners Gosho Aoyama. Die Handlung dreht sich um den jährigen – im Anime den jährigen – Oberschüler und Hobbydetektiv Shin’ichi Kudō, dessen.

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Detektiv Conan Kultautos bei Detektiv Conan. Detektiv Conan Der schlafende Meisterdetektiv - 5 Fakten über Kogoro Mori.

Detektiv Conan Habt ihr beim Fünfteiler "Direkte Konfrontation" aufgepasst? Ihr habt den packenden Fünfteiler "Direkte Konfrontation: Zwei Mysterien in einer Vollmondnacht" genau verfolgt?

Dann löst unser Quiz und erweist euch als echte "Detektiv Conan"-Fans! Detektiv Conan Der purpurrote Liebesbrief. Detektiv Conan Episode One - Der geschrumpfte Meisterdetektiv.

Detektiv Conan Der dunkelste Albtraum. Detektiv Conan Die Sonnenblumen des Infernos. Detektiv Conan Der Scharfschütze aus einer anderen Dimension.

Detektiv Conan Detektiv auf hoher See. Detektiv Conan Der Detektiv Conan Die 15 Minuten der Stille. Detektiv Conan Das verlorene Schiff im Himmel. Detektiv Conan Der nachtschwarze Jäger.

Detektiv Conan Die Partitur des Grauens. Akai's Faked Death: Conan, who planned it, and even arranged Akai to meet his Mom and Agasa somewhere else to help his new disguise.

Kir, who was to kill him in order to prove herself to Gin Akai, who was to die James Black, who noticed the glue or substance to Akai's fingertips, just prior to the fateful meeting.

No one else was let in on that secret at all, until the scarlet episodes, when Jodie and Camel finally learned about it, including Bourbon, who figured it out due to his own keen observation skills.

After Conan's confrontation with Vermouth, when he appeared to still be unconscious from his own tranquilizer dart, he heard her press the digits on her cell phone in order to reply to "BOSS" of the Black Organization at the end of Head to Head Halloween Party episode.

He remembered the sounds of the digits being pressed when she was dialing the boss's e-mail address in order to respond to a message that he had sent her.

Conan may be tone deaf, but he does have Perfect Pitch and can recognize the tune of the Boss's e-mail address. At the end of The Dissonance of the Stradivarius Episode , he found out those digits are for the song of "7 Children" or "Nanatsu no Ko," which happens to the the Boss of the Black Organization's E-mail address.

He can recognize that tune in an instant, and immediately is on the hunt for the Black Organization Member, who just e-mailed their Boss.

He cannot even pretend to act normally when he hears this tune. Even just the first four digits place him on high alert, before he discovered the name of the tune.

Even though Haibara stated that the e-mail address is a Pandora Box, which should never be opened, or dialed. After his bug and transmitter, accidentally fell on the ground, and Rena stepped on it, he immediately heard her dial the Boss's e-mail address, and found out her code name of Kir, among other stuff.

That tune also came in handy at finding out that a Black Organization Spy had infiltrated Haido Central Hospital, where Kir was hospitalized due to the e-mail being dialed.

Even in the Non-cannon movie: The Raven Chaser, after Conan found out that the Boss's E-mailed had been dialed, he immediatley chased after a disguised Vermouth, and saw her enter Gin's Porsch.

Unfortunately, Irish, another disguised Black Organization Member, who was impersonating the Superintendant Kiyonaga Matsumoto, noticed Conan's behavior, and immediately began investigating Conan, and he even managed to obtain Conan's fingerprints and match them to Kudo Shinichi's fingerprints, when he held that mask and helmet in the Desperate Revival Festival, earlier.

He may not have noticed, if it was not for the Panic Mode or Near Panic Mode that this number and song instills in Conan.

Conan has some programming skills, for being able to create Mouri Detective Agency's website. He doesn't have the knowledge of hacking, at least he is not able to crack Black Organization's encrypted data.

Conan occasionally seems to be able to sense if Kaitou Kid is present at a crime scene. He frequently is able to deciphering Kid's codes, among many others.

In the paper airplane episode, Subaru and Conan, both managed to decipher the aiplanes' codes at about the same time.

In The Trembling Police Headquarters: 12 Million Hostages Episode , he was also able to decipher from E-V-I-T, that the next bomb was Teitan High School.

In Sweet and Cold Delivery Service, when Conan, Haibara, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Ayumi, were locked in a freezing delivery van, without their cell phones, and all they had on hand were some odds and ends, taxi receipt, and Tails, the cat,.

Conan managed to create a code out of the Taxi Receipt, which would look like trash to almost everyone, except the only person, who would be able to decipher it in an instant, BOURBON, who works at Cafe Poirot, and Tails makes his stop there everyday at around this time.

The code basically read, COR SE," and the license plate number. He then placed the note in Tails' collar, who managed to escape.

However, when Azusa was about to hand the note to Amuro, it blew away in the wind, only for Bourbon to find out the spelling from Azusa, and pieced together instantly, "Corpse.

While Amuro was still tracking that note, the kids were getting in even worse shape, since they are freezing, and most likely none of Conan's gadgets would work.

Conan remembered the cake that Agasa ordered for a delivery at a special time, located it, and wrote a message to redirect the cake to the Kudo Residence, where Subaru is living, and redirected it, "In care of Mr Kudu," and even added a message in the customer's copy of the receipt so that Subaru would know that they are trapped in the delivery van.

Subaru sent a package, which was really a cell phone to help the kids, and It is a good thing that Amuro managed to track the delivery van, but he simply acted like he was passing by, and told the kids that the wind blew away their message.

Although most people will call Conan by his name suffixed with -kun , or simply kid , a lot of the characters have different ways of calling him due to the special relationships they share.

The following is a list of the different appellations for Conan and the ones Conan gives in return encountered in the series. Strange retro-thief, whose crazy enough to announce his moves.

After Shinichi becomes Conan, he sets out to find the men in black almost immediately. At the suggestion of Agasa, he moves in with Ran and Kogoro, hoping that cases related to them come by.

Pretty soon, a case involving a woman name Akemi Miyano using the alias Masami Hirota appears. Akemi robs a bank for the men in black in the hopes that they will free her sister from their organization.

Conan is unable to realize the case's connection to the organization until after the men in black have shot Akemi and left her for dead rather than give up such a valuable asset as her sister.

In her dying moments, Akemi warns Conan of the danger of the organization. Conan runs across the men in black again on a bullet train, this time learning their codenames: Gin and Vodka.

At a game convention, Conan meets a third man in black named Tequila , only to have him die in an explosion meant for someone else.

Conan learns about a meeting place from the murderer, but just before he reaches the bar an explosion set by the men in black destroys the place entirely, leaving Conan without any leads.

Later on, Conan meets child-size biochemist Ai Haibara , the creator of APTX Ai grew up within the Black Organization as Shiho Miyano and is a former member of it along with her deceased sister, Akemi.

Instead, she shrinks like Conan did and is adopted by Agasa so she and Conan can work together to find a cure and catch the men in black.

However, when she really introduced herself to him at night in front of the Kudo and Agasa's house, she did it in a way, where she showed that she can be quite evil, like the rest of the Black Organization, even telling him that Agasa, who is his lifeline to being a detective in his child's body is dead, really freaking him out.

When he went to Agasa, he was alive and well, and all three spoke, but After the professor case, he saw her real tears, when she was crying in his shirt, and since then their relationship has improved dramatically, and they even protect each other.

She is also helping him to be more cautious than his initial, "The Black Organization is involved. I am scared, but I will hunt them down, and try and get the antidote," without thinking of the consequences.

He is still determined to take down that organization, but he is now wiser than he was at in, whereas, she is more inclined to err on the side of caution, "Stop.

Don't Go. Stay out of this," which will not take the organization down, but may keep them safer.

In regards toe the Black Organization, they both have a tendency to withhold information in order to protect the other one.

It is difficult to know just how much she knows of the Organization's leaders and such, but she feels if she tells him anything, until it comes up, he may carelessly act on it.

When Conan found out that 7 children was the Boss's e-mail address, his initial thought was to have Takagi investigate it, until she told him that "He will die.

Takagi as soon as he reaches that person, and then they will find out who gave him that number, and you will die next. The e-mail address is a Pandora's box that should never be opened.

In return, Conan protects her a lot in regards to the organization: saving her life, withholding risky information, and coming up with plans to save her life, when she has been found out, and trying to hide her from them.

In Reunion with the Black Organization Conan and Haibara crossed paths with them at an hotel party while they were trying to prevent someone from dying at the hands of the organization.

While there Haibara is kidnapped by one of the members of the organization Pisco. Conan manages to save Haibara and also learn about Anokata.

After Conan solves a case of serial murders, the culprit tells Conan that the tune created by dialing the phone number for the Leader of the Black Organization is the song " Seven Children ".

First he temporary returns to normal after drinking alcohol while infected with a cold. Haibara invented an antidote prototype for the APTX , and Conan first uses it in Volume 26 to conceal his identity and allay Ran's suspicions that he is Shinichi.

Haibara disguises as Conan and appears in front of Ran with Shinichi in order to put Ran's fears to rest. The antidote prototype is again taken, this time accidentally in place of cough syrup.

It wears off 24 hours later, with Haibara giving him another one to protect his identity. This time it wears off in a shortened 4 hours, once again interrupting his chance to confess his feelings to Ran.

During the Holmes' Revelation arc in London, Conan takes an antidote so he can go overseas, because "Conan Edogawa" does not exist in real life, and has no passport.

Ran quickly deduces that Shinichi is in London as well. She asks some Londoners about a Japanese boy, and they give her directions, without specifying it was actually a six-year-old they saw.

In a phone booth, Conan takes the pill originally meant for his return trip to Tokyo in order to conceal his identity from Ran. During this time, he manages to confess his feelings to her.

Luckily for Conan, Haibara asks Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo, his parents, to go to London and give him a third pill, as she guessed he would have used his spare one for Ran.

Ran plays a nurturing protective role and treats Conan like a child version of Shinichi. They do a lot of activities together, such as swimming, going to the movies or festivals, and more.

Ran and Conan both look out for each other's well-being. Ran stands up for Conan during Kogoro's outbursts and destroys any criminals seeking to inflict harm on Conan with her karate.

Conan lends an ear and advice when Ran is in an difficult situation or needs to vent, and he comforts and encourages her when she is feeling down, especially about Shinichi being away for so long.

It is even likely that Ran subconsciously knows that Conan actually is Shinichi, even though she seems reluctant to follow that notion.

Kogoro and Conan most often see each other as nuisances. Conan dislikes Kogoro's usually poor detective ability and case handling, slovenly personal habits, and overinflated ego.

Kogoro's deduction doesn't seem to improve so Conan almost always needs to knock Kogoro out when he starts spouting off incorrect theories.

Although in most cases Conan merely sees Kogoro as a drunk idiot, he often is impressed when Kogoro gets serious and actually gets the case right, so he will allow the "non-sleeping Kogoro" to take the spotlight.

Kogoro views Conan as a freeloader who constantly gets underfoot and never fails to insinuate himself at cases, "interfere" with the scene, and pipe up with childish observations that consistently ruin Kogoro's deductions.

Sometimes, Kogoro will also grab Conan by the jacket, leave him outside, or knock him on the head if he is too nosy when involved in a case. However, their relationship is actually intimate and Kogoro takes care of Conan just like a member of the house.

At times when Conan is in danger or his life is in peril, Kogoro is seen to be visibly distressed, focused only on getting Conan back.

In one episode where Conan was kidnapped, put into a car, and the car was in the process of being crushed, Kogoro was even in tears at Conan's apparent death but then rejoiced tearfully when he was shown to be unharmed.

Conan in return does everything in his power to protect Kogoro from getting into troubles with the Black Organization, saving his life multiple times whenever Kogoro unknowingly gets involved with them.

They are usually seen going to cases together probably because Conan sneaks along with Kogoro, inserts himself into the case, or simply annoys Kogoro enough to bring him and sometimes they'll follow Ran whenever they think she might be off to see a boy or "that detective brat" as Kogoro refers to Shinichi.

Conan's parents, Yusaku and Yukiko , like to push their child towards becoming an even better detective. They enjoy giving him challenges, typically without letting Conan know who's giving them; once they disguised as Black Organization operatives trying to kill Shinichi Kudo in order to show Conan how dangerous his goals are.

However after seeing that their son is determent to dive into the matter, they decide to follow his wish, and even helps him out with disguises and plans.

Yukiko loves to meddle in Conan's and Shinichi's love life, as she will often make allusions regarding Ran being her possible future daughter-in-law and Ai or Ayumi having feelings for Conan.

He doesn't usually pay much attention to them. Once she told Conan that Ai has romantic feelings for him because she looked at him ten times in a short span of time, saying that the only time a girl would do that is if she likes the boy or the boy has something on his face.

Conan simply pushes it off as Ai checking on her "lab mouse," but at night, in bed, Conan asks Ai if he has something on his face. Yukiko helped him out once to keep his secret identity from being exposed to Ran by creating an alibi for him.

Yukiko once nearly called Conan "Shinichi" in public but Conan was able to cover it by creating a distraction. Conan treats Agasa as a member of his own family, like an uncle.

Due to the fact that they both share the secret behind Shinichi's transformation and knowledge about the Black Organization, Conan often comes to him when in trouble or seeking for help.

Agasa's willingness to help whenever possible makes Shinichi's life as Conan more convenient. He was the one who created most of Conan's gadgets, including his power shoes and tracking glasses.

He willingly plays Conan's case solving mouthpiece when Conan lacks someone else convenient to use. When Conan needs something, such as information regarding past cases, he usually asks Agasa to get it.

Agasa often acts as a chauffeur because he is trustworthy and the only adult with a car regularly available.

Agasa often worries about Shinichi, especially when he thinks Shinichi might be getting over his head. Agasa almost always responds positively to Shinichi's requests, but doesn't like it when Shinichi hides the reasons for it, especially if it is dangerous.

They never meet each other for obvious reasons: Conan is Shinichi's secret identity. However, since Conan tries to act as a child, he often thinks Shinichi as a separate character in one episode, when Ran claims to go to a date with Shinichi, Conan bids goodbye, oblivious for a while that he is actually Shinichi.

Judging from his completely made up speech, Conan talks to Shinichi frequently by phone and learns a lot of skills and knowledge from him, and Conan really admires and loves Shinichi.

In turn, Shinichi is willing to satiate Conan's curiosity, but at one point he gets really annoyed for Conan's inquisitiveness.

When they first meet, Conan and Heiji seem bound to become lifelong rivals, especially after Kudo beats Heiji in their first case. However, after discovering Conan's real identity, Heiji starts to act like an older brother towards him, much to the annoyance of Conan.

Since then, the two have become closest friends, and consult one another on cases, developments concerning the Black Organization, and even their "girlfriends".

They tend to stick together on cases, although sometimes this is because Heiji forces the less enthusiastic Conan to come along.

While fond of Heiji as a fellow detective he can relate to, Conan finds Heiji's antics occasionally annoying. Much to Conan's chagrin, Heiji even convinces others that Conan is his disciple.

Conan especially dislikes Heiji's dangerous habit of unthinkingly calling Conan 'Kudo' when others are present. Heiji still maintains some of his original feelings of rivalry, and gets annoyed if anyone claims Shinichi is better , and will often go to great lengths to show that the "west" Osaka is better than the "east" Tokyo.

Shinichi usually starts off acting like he is disinterested in the frivolous competition, but may then become competitive himself if Heiji starts "winning" or someone bruises his ego.

Others, like Ran and Kazuha, see them both as equally skilled detectives. She frequently talks to him like a brat and primary school kid, and he thinks of her as annoying.

Masumi Sera is like a older sister figure to Conan. Detektiv Conan - Heute Ab: Anime Abenteuer Action Comedy Drama Krimi Mystery Romantik.

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Episode Das Albtraumschiff 2. Episode Die Frau ohne Gedächtnis. Episode Abgetaucht. Episode Mordfall John. Episode Mord unter Freunden 1.

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Dedektive Conan Detektiv Conan Staffel 1. Detektiv Conan. Staffel 1. [Ger Sub ab Episode ] Shinichi Kudo, 17 Jahre alt, ist ein bekannter Schülerdetektiv aus Tokio. Als er mit seiner Kindheitsfreundin und heimlichen großen Liebe Ran Mori einen Freizeitpark besucht und er eine verdächtige Geldübergabe beobachtet, wird er hinterrücks niedergeschlagen. Detektiv Conan. Der Killer in ihren Augen Captured in her Eyes Beschreibung anzeigen. Eine Attentatswelle erschüttert die Stadt: Die Opfer sind stets Polizisten, die durch Schüsse getötet werden. Da schnell der Verdacht aufkommt, dass hinter alldem ebenfalls ein Polizist steckt, versucht die Polizei alles, um so wenige Informationen wie 5/5(). Detektiv Conan Folge (GerSub) Schau dir Folge mit deutschen Untertiteln an. Unterstütze uns auf Patreon und indem du uns auf Twitter folgst Follow @AmalgamFansubs» Detektiv Conan Folge (GerSub) «. Detective Conan (名探偵コナン, Meitantei Konan?) is a Japanese manga and anime series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama since January 19, and got serialized in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Jump. Due to legal considerations the title has been renamed to Case Closed. Extended OST Playlist: Since Detective Conan has had some direct crossovers with the Magic Kaito manga over the years, yet those parts of the Detective Conan anime never had the Magic Kaito parts that gave them context animated as well, those crossovers have never really had their full and proper effect for anime-only fans. The main protagonist of the Detective Conan series, Shinichi Kudo, and the protagonist of the Magic Kaito series, Kaito Kuroba are also similar. Hundreds of minor characters have been created and are always given backgrounds, motives, and personalities that put them under suspicion during the investigation. Jetzt Staffel 12 von Detektiv Conan und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig online ansehen. % Kostenlos Online + Serien.
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Dedektive Conan These parts are cut from the anime entirely. He has been revealed as Renya Carasuma in Episode of anime series. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest. Stone: Stone Wars EX-ARM Gekidol Heaven's Design Team Horimiya Filmpaare Saga IDOLY PRIDE Jaku Chara Tomozaki-kun Jimihen!! Archived from the original on December 9, Mit durch den Transposer verstellter Stimme löst er dann an dessen Stelle den Fall. Die alte Buchhandlung, in The Room man eine Dampfpfeife hört. Die deutsche Fassung wurde bis zum Volumes 1—20 21—40 41—60 61—80 81—current With a Bang Holmes' Revelation The Scarlet School Trip Hanzawa the Criminal Zero's Tea Time Police Academy Arc — Wild Police Story. He probably has normal stamina for a little kid, although some of the feats, and esp. Retrieved October 9, It is a good thing that Bajrangi Bhaijaan managed to track the delivery van, but he simply acted like he was passing by, and told 20 15 Uhr Tv kids that the wind blew away their message. Itakura-san [36] Itakura Suguru-san anime introduction [66] Itakura-shi anime introduction [66]. It seems there is Someone investigating about us, a Detective clever as a Fox," without being aware that it Dedektive Conan to apparently be a 7 year old little child. Retrieved December Avantasia Wacken 2021, Only one truth is revealed, the appearance of a child, the brains of an adult, I am the great Detective Conan! Episode Verräterische Blüten. Retrieved June 3, Detektiv Conan ist eine seit laufende, international erfolgreiche Mangareihe des japanischen Zeichners Gosho Aoyama. Die Handlung dreht sich um den jährigen – im Anime den jährigen – Oberschüler und Hobbydetektiv Shin’ichi Kudō, dessen. Detektiv Conan (japanisch 名探偵コナン, Meitantei Konan, „Meisterdetektiv Conan“) ist eine seit laufende, international erfolgreiche Mangareihe des. Detektiv Conan – Das Phantom der Baker Street (japanisch 名探偵コナン ベイカー街の亡霊 Meitantei Konan: Beikā-gai no Bōrei) ist der sechste Film des. Der Inhalt dieser Episoden stammt nicht aus dem von Gosho Aoyama gezeichneten Detektiv Conan-Manga, sondern wurde den Short Stories entnommen oder.